P366 Week 05: Inspiration Week

My favorite shot from from this week is 037/366 Dual, an image of two concrete trucks parked nose to nose on a building site; what a find.

031 Texture: Car Wash

032 Frosty: Beer

033 Folded: Paper bows

034 Coarse: Grinding Discs

035 Rocky: Shorncliffe

036 Smooth/Silky: Whipped Egg white

037 Dual: Concrete Trucks

P366 Week 03: Light

Week Three of the P366 daily photo challenge is Light.  The majority of my shots this week come from the Gold Coast as I have been to and from quite regularly this week; a lot of travel.

17 Light: Old School Light Bulb

18 With The Sky: Cranes against blue sky with cirrus clouds

19 Side light: Sunrise over Burleigh Heads from Miami

20 Under: Underground carpark

21 Back Lit: Fishing at Night

22 Artificial Light: Surfers Paradise city scape

23 Dappled: Ballpit

P366 Week 02: Colour

Week two of the Capture Your 365 daily photo challenge.  This week was all about colour and while I felt that the start of the week was fairly average, the end of the week came together nicely.

10 Monochrome: Graffiti 

11 Complimentary: Toy frog

12 Draw: City Scape

13 Mostly White: Corella

14 Black and White: Love Locks at Burleigh Heads

15 A Treasure: Vintage Cameras

16 Sepia: The Hut

P366 Week 01: Personal

Here we go again with another photo a day project, what am I thinking?  I don't know but as much as it is frustrating I really enjoy the ongoing challenge and feeling more and more creative.

Week one is personal week from January 01 through 09;

01 Fresh Start: Coffee

02 One Word: Family

03 This is So Me: Self Portrait

04 I Need This: First day of work, I need a beer

05 Makes Me Happy: These two

06 Pushing Myself: Running on Empty

07 Good For Me: Tempted

08 Where I Stand: Beach

09 Relationship: Kathy and I