P366 Week 03: Light

Week Three of the P366 daily photo challenge is Light.  The majority of my shots this week come from the Gold Coast as I have been to and from quite regularly this week; a lot of travel.

17 Light: Old School Light Bulb

18 With The Sky: Cranes against blue sky with cirrus clouds

19 Side light: Sunrise over Burleigh Heads from Miami

20 Under: Underground carpark

21 Back Lit: Fishing at Night

22 Artificial Light: Surfers Paradise city scape

23 Dappled: Ballpit

Rolling Hills | Mt Mee

A lovely sunset on Friday evening from Settlement Road at the top of Mount Mee.  

I took Friday off to take the family to the local show (helps to avoid crowds with young kids), we spent the morning there and then decided to take a drive up the mountain to check out the views.  

I had been searching for rolling hills and went in search of them in the local landscape, this particular location on Mt Mee is only a 30 minute drive from home and the scenery changes dramatically.  It was peaceful at the top, in the fresh mountain air watching the sun set in the west, I think the kids had a good time exploring the fence line and the country roads.

Nikon D610 | Tamron 24-70 F2.8 @ 70mm | 1/50sec | F8 | ISO200 | 13 shots stitched in LRCC and shot using a Nodal Ninja NN5

Bribie Island Sunset

I haven't been shooting much lately and the weather has been terrible.  We had 140mm of rain the day before and the clouds were starting to clear so we quickly ate dinner and packed everyone in the car for a trip to Bribie Island on the off chance that there would be some colour in the sky.

My family doesn't often come along on photo jaunts as it does get rather boring to the non-photographer but everyone seemed to enjoy it briefly; maybe it was just the novelty of an after dinner excursion.  E had packed here camera and stayed rather close to me as I was setting up and moving about looking for the right angle, I hope one day she will be a budding photographer.

4 Shot Panorama | Nikon D7100 | Tamron 24-70 F2.8 @ 24mm | 15 sec | F11 | ISO100 | ND8 Soft Grad over Sky | Edited in LR5 and PSCC 

I have a soft spot for panoramic images but I really liked this single shot image of the Bribie Island bridge too.

Nikon D7100 | Tamron 24-70 F2.8 @ 24mm | 15 sec | F11 | ISO100 | ND8 Soft Grad over Sky | Edited in LR5 

Mornington, VIC

One of the perks of my work is I get to travel a little bit, this week I found myself on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Since it is the middle of summer sun down isn’t until really late, 8:37 to be precise, I made my way down to the bathing sheds at Mornington to take a few photos. 

I found my location and set up the camera on my tripod with a wireless remote and took a few test shots to get exposure and focus. The sky was completely blown out so I added a 3 stop soft graduated filter diagonally over the sun to darken the sky (the sun is still blown). I like to use hyper focal focusing when doing landscape shots, this is where you set focus so that most of the frame is in focus. Using an app on my phone I key in the focal length and the aperture that I wish to use and it determines where I need to manually set the focus ring, in this case it is focused at 1m which makes this particular set up easy to remember.

Nikon D90 | Sigma 10-12mm | 13mm | 1/25sec | F8 | ISO100 | 3 stop soft grad filter over sky