P366 Week 03: Light

Week Three of the P366 daily photo challenge is Light.  The majority of my shots this week come from the Gold Coast as I have been to and from quite regularly this week; a lot of travel.

17 Light: Old School Light Bulb

18 With The Sky: Cranes against blue sky with cirrus clouds

19 Side light: Sunrise over Burleigh Heads from Miami

20 Under: Underground carpark

21 Back Lit: Fishing at Night

22 Artificial Light: Surfers Paradise city scape

23 Dappled: Ballpit

Caboolture Historical Village

Visited the Caboolture Historical Village this morning for their annual Gem Fest held by the Caboolture Gem Club. It's always great to visit the village, especially with the kids.

I spent some time watching the blacksmiths working the metal, looks like hard yakka.

Nikon D610 | Tamron 24-70 F2.8 @ 70mm | 1/250sec | F4 | ISO1000 | Edit in LRCC

Hunt and Shoot

Todays hunt and shoot was great fun; a little slow to start with, only taking two images in the first hour, but I managed to finish on time.  These are the full set in order, not happy with the third image but I only had one chance.

The idea of the hunt and shoot is to follow a list of prompts to capture an images that suits each one.  This particular event we were only allowed to take one shot per subject and each file number had to be consecutive meaning that we could not delete or take another if the image didn't turn out.

Caboolture Swap Meet

Headed out nice and early to the Caboolture Swap Meet, it was an interesting morning with a lot of things to look at and a lot of interesting sights and people.  I'm not very comfortable yet with street photography but I quite enjoyed getting the camera out this morning.

13/52 Diptych

We planned a big day out in Brisbane today with a trip to the museum and a city cat ride around to the Powerhouse at New Farm Park for their Suitcase Market but the weather was terrible and we only got as far as the museum. I caught this reflection of Eliza in the glass as she was looking out onto the gloomy street below. 

Nikon D90 | Sigma 30mm F1.4 | 1/40sec | F1.8 | ISO1250| & | 1/60sec | F2.8 | ISO1250

3/52 A Horse

I spent an hour at a friend’s house photographing her horses during the week, I think this image was one of my favourites from the shoot.  The light wasn’t great as it was getting late in the evening and some of the action shots aren’t as sharp as I would have liked but I think I managed to get some good shots. 

Nikon D90 | Sigma 70-200 F2.8 | 1/200sec | F5.6 | ISO1250

2013 CY365 Photo of the Year Nominations

I was greatly surprised to receive a nomination in the Capture Your 365 photo of the year 2013 with my image of "Unspoken Words" from November 13.  It was a candid moment whilst trying to capture my wife and daughter touching each others noses as I sign of love but what I got here I think was a lot more powerful.

Thanks to Jean G for the nomination.