Rural Scenes: Shadows on the landscape

The light this afternoon was something else, lots of clouds in the sky playing shadow games on the hills and pastures. My trip home from Toowoomba took a little longer for the numerous photo stops along the way.

I have been travelling to and from Toowoomba once a week for the past month for work.  Some of the trips are fairly boring when I have to go to and from the office and travel up the main highway from Brisbane, but there has been a few occasions when my journey coincide with home time and I can take a leisurely back road drive through the country.

Leaving Toowoomba in the afternoon I turned off at Gatton and headed out through ESK on the way to Kilcoy and eventually home to Caboolture.  I stopped quite a few times on the way, scouting a few locations for future options.  Coming into Kilcoy from the north I was quite distracted by the shadows over the rolling hills and had to quickly find a safe place to pull up and cross the road.  I spent about 10 minutes here just watching the light and taking a few shots, the large landscape makes you feel so small.

Ok time to leave here and continue my journey homewards, I got as far as the other side of Kilcoy before I stopped again.  This time there was a pocket of light in the middle of a paddock of cows, and as luck has it as soon as you find a spot to pull over, the light is gone.  I waited here for another 10 minutes for the light to change and the pocket of light eventually returned.

I drive and travel a lot for work but don't usually stop to sit and watch the landscape, maybe I should take more time out.

P366 Week 05: Inspiration Week

My favorite shot from from this week is 037/366 Dual, an image of two concrete trucks parked nose to nose on a building site; what a find.

031 Texture: Car Wash

032 Frosty: Beer

033 Folded: Paper bows

034 Coarse: Grinding Discs

035 Rocky: Shorncliffe

036 Smooth/Silky: Whipped Egg white

037 Dual: Concrete Trucks

P366 Week 03: Light

Week Three of the P366 daily photo challenge is Light.  The majority of my shots this week come from the Gold Coast as I have been to and from quite regularly this week; a lot of travel.

17 Light: Old School Light Bulb

18 With The Sky: Cranes against blue sky with cirrus clouds

19 Side light: Sunrise over Burleigh Heads from Miami

20 Under: Underground carpark

21 Back Lit: Fishing at Night

22 Artificial Light: Surfers Paradise city scape

23 Dappled: Ballpit

Even older cameras

Adding more and more cameras to my collection, these are some of the oldest ones that I have;  a Japanese Beautycord TLR from the early 50's and a Kodak Brownie Model 2a from the mid 20's.

The Brownie was found on Ebay and is in excellent condition with the original box, I don't think it has been used much at all since the mid 1920's as the leather is still in really great shape.

The TLR was found on Gumtree and bought off an older gent who received it from his father many decades ago.  When I collected it he was reminiscing about his youth and the many great shots he had acquired hen using it; he was sad to see it go.

Melbourne Holiday - September 2015

The family and I spent five nights in Melbourne which was a fantastic break even though the weather was far from delightful.

I found myself taking a lot of long exposure images of the city; here are Flinders Station, St Kilda Pier and Docklands.  All these images were taken in daylight and are between 1 to 1.5 minutes.

Old camera collection

My vintage camera collection is constantly growing; either by searching op shops, ebay, gumtree or from family and friends passing on their old gear.

Here's a small selection of the collection; Olympus OM2, Olympus Trip 35, Practika LTL, Minolta Himatic 7s, Minolta 16 and a Lucimeter light meter.

Seems I have a penchant for 1970's silver and black cameras.

Shorncliffe Sunrise

Visited a new spot that I haven't been to before at Shorncliffe and thankfully it paid off. Located halfway between the old pier and Baxters Jetty is a rocky wonderland; a photographers delight everywhere you turn. Add to that a cracking sunrise and I am one very happy guy this morning.

Nikon D610 | Nikon 18-35G @ 26mm | 5 sec | F11 | ISO50 | ND8 soft grad | edit in LRCC

Caboolture Historical Village

Visited the Caboolture Historical Village this morning for their annual Gem Fest held by the Caboolture Gem Club. It's always great to visit the village, especially with the kids.

I spent some time watching the blacksmiths working the metal, looks like hard yakka.

Nikon D610 | Tamron 24-70 F2.8 @ 70mm | 1/250sec | F4 | ISO1000 | Edit in LRCC

Caboolture Car Show and Swap Meet

A yearly ritual for me is to visit the Caboolture Car Show and Swap Meet.  It's a bit of a family morning out with my Brother In-Law and Father In-Law taking their cars to get primo parking at the show'n'shine so we don't have to walk forever to get to the swap.

I decided to try something different and make a collage of different headlights on all the classic cars; how many can you recognize?

Superior 4WD Racing - Elimbah


I attended the Superior 4WD Racing finals just to see what it was all about and was glad I did - What a hoot.

The weather was pretty average but I made a last minute decision to drive up and check it out, it was only 3km from home.

I spent 3 hours in the confines of the tiny viewing area which did not give great scope for different locations.  I set up on the inside apex of a big sweeping corner and captured most of the cars broad sliding their way through the mud - highly entertaining.

Rolling Hills | Mt Mee

A lovely sunset on Friday evening from Settlement Road at the top of Mount Mee.  

I took Friday off to take the family to the local show (helps to avoid crowds with young kids), we spent the morning there and then decided to take a drive up the mountain to check out the views.  

I had been searching for rolling hills and went in search of them in the local landscape, this particular location on Mt Mee is only a 30 minute drive from home and the scenery changes dramatically.  It was peaceful at the top, in the fresh mountain air watching the sun set in the west, I think the kids had a good time exploring the fence line and the country roads.

Nikon D610 | Tamron 24-70 F2.8 @ 70mm | 1/50sec | F8 | ISO200 | 13 shots stitched in LRCC and shot using a Nodal Ninja NN5

Minolta Hi-Matic 7s 35mm Rangefinder

We went op-shopping today and came across this vintage range finder, what a score to add to my collection of old cameras.

This is the Minolta Hi-Matic 7s from 1966, a 35mm coupled range finder featuring a Rokkor 45mm F1.8 lens. It has built in light metering, and can be used in either full automatic or manual modes. It's quite a hefty piece of gear and is a little bit larger than my Praktica SLR.

| Nikon D7100 | Tamron 24-70 F2.8 @ 70mm | 1/4sec | F8 | ISO100 |

Gold Coast Getaway

We spent a few days on the Gold Coast for a brief family holiday, it seems to be a yearly occurrence which we look forward to greatly.  I had some time alone with the camera, it has been quite some time since I have had a chance to get out and shoot.

Tamborine Botanical Gardens

It's been a while since I have posted anything or even taken a picture. Over the past two weeks I have spent some time in Newcastle photographing some local landmarks and then in Sydney photographing cherry blossoms at the Auburn Botanic Gardens but I haven't had a chance to sit down and edit.

Today's adventure was a bit spontaneous, on a whim we headed to Tamborine Botanical Gardens to hopefully find some blossoms but the season up here seems over. I didn't come away empty handed though, the mickey birds put on a bit of a show for us.

Newcastle, NSW

While visiting Newcastle for work I had some spare time in the afternoon to drive around and do a bit of sight seeing.  I've been to Newcastle many times over the past few years but they ave only ever been fly in fly out day trips.  After work I headed to Nobby's Lighthouse, I could have spent a whole day photographing around this area; there is so much to look at from debris on the beach to patterns in the rocks and train lines in the sand dunes. 

As the light levels were dropping I found myself at King Edward Park amongst some of the WW2 ruins.  I would love to explore the war time ruins a little more but would want to go with a second person if going underground at night.

I think I need to get back to Newcastle sometime just for photography, there is so much more to see such as the ocean pools.