Rural Scenes: Shadows on the landscape

The light this afternoon was something else, lots of clouds in the sky playing shadow games on the hills and pastures. My trip home from Toowoomba took a little longer for the numerous photo stops along the way.

I have been travelling to and from Toowoomba once a week for the past month for work.  Some of the trips are fairly boring when I have to go to and from the office and travel up the main highway from Brisbane, but there has been a few occasions when my journey coincide with home time and I can take a leisurely back road drive through the country.

Leaving Toowoomba in the afternoon I turned off at Gatton and headed out through ESK on the way to Kilcoy and eventually home to Caboolture.  I stopped quite a few times on the way, scouting a few locations for future options.  Coming into Kilcoy from the north I was quite distracted by the shadows over the rolling hills and had to quickly find a safe place to pull up and cross the road.  I spent about 10 minutes here just watching the light and taking a few shots, the large landscape makes you feel so small.

Ok time to leave here and continue my journey homewards, I got as far as the other side of Kilcoy before I stopped again.  This time there was a pocket of light in the middle of a paddock of cows, and as luck has it as soon as you find a spot to pull over, the light is gone.  I waited here for another 10 minutes for the light to change and the pocket of light eventually returned.

I drive and travel a lot for work but don't usually stop to sit and watch the landscape, maybe I should take more time out.