Portraits in Rural and Bushland Locations

Having your family or engagement photos taken in an outdoor location requires a lot more planning than showing up for a photoshoot in a studio but you don’t have to worry because I’m here to guide you through choosing the best times for your favourite locations.

  • Bright and Warm

  • Yellows, Oranges, Greens and Browns

  • Wear darker clothing to contrast

  • Early Mornings or Late Afternoons

You don't need to head far out of Caboolture to find a nice rural or bushland scene.  You could go anywhere off the beaten track such as Kurwongba, Wamuran, Elimbah, Woodford, Mt Mee, Beerwah, or the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Open Bushland and Rural scenes can vary dramatically, from dense trees to great open vistas.  You will generally find elements such as dirt roads, trails, fences, structures and long grass to include in your portraits.

These areas offer light and bright backdrops with warm colour tones such as yellows, oranges, and browns, but still have a fair bit of green.

To avoid harsh overhead light, these locations are best shot early in the morning and later afternoon because at these times you can expect nice golden light which is perfect for back-lighting and flares. Darker clothing works well here for contrast with the lighter backgrounds, however wearing light and bright complimentary colours such as blues and whites help achieve bright airy images.

Jacinda & Wayne: Kurwongba

Looking back down the path

I spend a lot of time in the car for work and am always scouting new locations for photo shoots, one morning I came across this bush land scene out the back of Narangba with all sorts of features; bush tracks, dirt roads, old timber fencing, long grass - a really rural country setting.

Jacinda and Wayne liked the idea of the country setting so we headed out for an afternoon family portrait setting, sometimes it can take a while... or not at all for the little ones to warm to the photographer.  

Becky & Dan: Mary Cairncross Park, Maleny

Tight crop of Becky and Dan sitting in long green grass

What a place, what a vista.  Mary Cairncross Park on the way to Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland offers up some amazing views of the Glass House Mountains to the south as well as a fantastic park, playground, and of course Mary Cairncross Park with its kilometers of boardwalks and pathways through the rain forest to explore.

Becky and Dan along with their daughter came up for an afternoon family portrait session and a play in the park.  The weather was starting to turn a little grey but I reckon that just adds mood to the images, it certainly didn't put a damper on the shoot.