mango hill

Van Gosliga Family: Lake Eden, Northlakes

Adult family portrait at dusk under jacaranda tree

Over the past year or so I have built a good relationship with Rex.  Rex owns and runs a cafe local to my office, I drink a lot of coffee so I see him regularly.  One afternoon we arranged to meet down at Lake Eden, Northlakes for a family portrait session - these images were from session number 2 as we rescheduled due to being rained out on the first attempt.

After previous experimentation with flash, soft boxes and dusk lighting, we decided at the end of the session to keep shooting into the falling light.  While they aren't natural looking outdoor photos that I would normally take, I do like how everyone pops off the dark background and the rest of the light at the edges falls off.   

Ashleigh & Damon: Lake Eden, North Lakes

Golden light filtering through her red hair as she looks into her fiances eyes

Ashleigh and Damon were awesome, really playful young couple who came out to Lake Eden for a bit of fun.  The session started out with a stroll along the pathways and a bit of getting to know each other, the golden afternoon light was filtering through the trees behind so I set up with shot of Ashleigh staring intently into Damons eyes - one of my all time favourite images.

As the afternoon sun passed we moved to a nearby tunnel where the footpath traverses under the road above.  Here I set up some lights to make the purple graffiti pop from the background.  I finished off the session using just natural light and my Fuji XT1 camera, the skin tones and light fall off from this camera are just spot on.