6 Tips for your Family Photos

6 Tips for your Family Photos

So you're thinking of having family photos taken and you have a growing list of concerns; how am I going to dress my kids?  Will my husband be grumpy?  What happens if my kids are complete ratbags?

Well here, let me help answer some of these troubling questions.

My Children: Newstead House, Newstead

Kids running down stairs in traditional cottage garden. Outdoor family photos Caboolture Photographer Family Photography

One thing you can never have enough of is photos of your kids, they grow so quickly.  

This year my wife Kathy has asked me to keep up the photos of the kids and do at least one proper photo shoot a month of the two of them.  Every year we have made ourselves a photo book with images of them doing all kinds of activities and visiting places near and far.  

This month we headed to Newstead House, one to learn about local history and secondly they have fantastic manicured gardens everywhere.  Technically I'm not allowed to shoot there with out a permit for a paid gig, but as it's personal it didn't really matter so much.

I'll definitely be printing these images to be hung around the house.

Merchant Family: Shorncliffe Pier

Boys will be boys, lined up at the handrail near Shorncliff Pier

Boys will be boys - like herding cats but you can't beat candid and natural moments

You don't have to apologise for your children not following instructions or sitting still and posing perfectly for the camera - that just isn't going to happen.  Just embrace it, run with it, see what they do and be quick to capture.

I spent the morning with these boys, all cousins from three families and it was chaos but it was great; They couldn't sit still no matter how hard everyone tried.  But sometimes that makes for fun photos, candid memories of kids being kids - playing, exploring, completely oblivious to the camera.  

I have young children myself so I know what it's like; don't be embarrassed, don't apologise, don't worry - I've got this.