Portrait Locations: At Home

Having your family or engagement photos taken in an outdoor location requires a lot more planning than showing up for a photoshoot in a studio but you don’t have to worry because I’m here to guide you through choosing the best times for your favourite locations.

  • Comforts of Home

  • Convenience

  • Your Colours

  • Include your pets or pastimes

Here's something to consider; why not have you family portrait taken at home?  Do you have a great back yard or an interesting feature wall that would make the perfect backdrop to your family portrait?  Maybe you want to include your pets, or a pastime.  Or it might just be more convenient to have a photographer come to you.

Brian & Tash: Family Photos at Home

Outdoor family photo at dusk in home garden setting

Sometimes the best place to take family photos is at home; yes in the familiar surrounds of your own backyard.  Home is generally a relaxing environment, perfect for children to just be themselves in their own space and perhaps oblivious to the person behind the camera.  I spent the afternoon and evening with Brian, Tash and the twins in their very green back yard.

First up we spent some time in the vege patch while the kids were warming up to me, instead of jumping straight into posed photos we let the kids show me around the garden.  The two photos of Father and Son picking peanuts and Mother and Daughter picking flowers are some of my favourites from the afternoon as they show both the bond between them and to the environment.  After we had explored the vege patches I set up a nice family shot between the flower beds and captured a mixture of natural and posed photos.  The background may be a little unconventional but I like that the plain grey of the shed walls make the colours pop and all focus is on Brian, Tash and the kids.     

I like to include props and activities in my family photos, here we used a vintage push bike and sidecar which the kids love to ride around in, I jumped on it to with the twins for a bit of a laugh.  The bike has been in the family circle for many years and was gifted from a close family friend, i'm sure there are some photos of Brian sitting in the sidecar when he was a child.   

Props and activities also lead to some great candid moments where the children forget about the camera and do what kids do best; Play.  dad is a tinkerer and spends a lot of time in the shed with these two so we set up a spot in the shed with tools and a small engine.  With the scene set we left the twins to their own devices and watched the play time unfold, sure enough just like dad they are on the tools and having a blast.

My Children: Newstead House, Newstead

Kids running down stairs in traditional cottage garden. Outdoor family photos Caboolture Photographer Family Photography

One thing you can never have enough of is photos of your kids, they grow so quickly.  

This year my wife Kathy has asked me to keep up the photos of the kids and do at least one proper photo shoot a month of the two of them.  Every year we have made ourselves a photo book with images of them doing all kinds of activities and visiting places near and far.  

This month we headed to Newstead House, one to learn about local history and secondly they have fantastic manicured gardens everywhere.  Technically I'm not allowed to shoot there with out a permit for a paid gig, but as it's personal it didn't really matter so much.

I'll definitely be printing these images to be hung around the house.