Jannika & Matt: Woodford Engagement Portraits

Close up Portrait of newly engaged couple Jannika and Matt against dark green background in the main street of woodford

After speaking with Matt at length in the lead up to the shoot I knew I had the perfect spot for their engagement photos, a location I had only just discovered recently when passing through.  Matt had mentioned that they love old, rustic and vintage styles; Matt had actually proposed while they were at Old Petrie Town. 

Jannika, Matt and I met up in the main street of Woodford late one afternoon in a quiet little side street lined with rustic sheds, timbers fences and tress with dappled light.  Both of them were super excited when they first saw the background I had chosen and I was having a blast finding pockets of light and framing Janikka and Matt in the doorways of the old sheds. 

Not long after the photo shoot we all met up again for the reveal of the images where Jannika and Matt chose a few of their favourites to use in their engagement party invites.

Thank you again Jannika and Matt for the great afternoon, and I wish you all the best in your future together. 

Full length portrait of newly engaged couple Jannika and Matt standing in front of rustic tin wall in the town of Woodford
Urban rustic Portrait of newly engaged couple Jannika and Matt in the warm afternoon sunlight standing against rusted tin wall near the main street of woodford.
Urban Rustic Portrait of newly engaged couple Jannika and Matt in front of a green tin wall near the main street of woodford
Portrait of newly engaged couple Jannika and Matt standing in Woodford
Country rustic Portrait of newly engaged couple Jannika and Matt leaning against the stock yard fence in woodford
Full length Portrait of newly engaged couple Jannika and Matt walking along the street in Woodford

Katrina: Urban Maternity Shoot in Caboolture

Just a few photos from our maternity shoot with the ever talented and patient Stuart C Photography. The hardest part of the whole process is deciding on which photos to put on our walls - Brenton and I just love them! FYI - Gids had the absolute BEST time playing in the leaves and collecting sticks in the bush!
— Katrina

Katrina came to me asking for an urban style maternity shoot, her last maternity shoot was at the Power House but this time wanted something different and a bit closer to home.  I spent quite a few nights pondering locations and then headed out on a weekend mission to find the right locations around Caboolture. 

We met up in the centre of town where I had found three very different spots in the one area.  Katrina's parents came along to the photoshoot which was excellent as they could chase after the little guy when he wasn't particularly interested in being in front of the camera.  

After the shoot and the first selection of images were edited, we all met up again at a local cafe for the reveal, it is so nice to see the reactions in person.

The Safe House: Baron, Crosby and Franky Two-Shoes

The Safe House; Baron and his muscle Franky Two-Shoes meet with Crosby in the safe house, trust levels are low and after a few scuffles the trio plan their hit.

Possibly the most fun shoot of the year, helping Ryan (Baron) bring his concept to life through photos.  We set up in a shed using constant LED lighting and a smoke machine for a raw underground industrial look.  

Stuart turns every session into an adventure. We booked Stuart for 3 days and gave him a huge wish-list of shots that we wanted to play with from idyllic countrysides to casual candid moments to grainy film noir settings. It wasn’t just a photo shoot, it was a good laugh and great day of playing around. Stuart provides a full service which goes far and beyond a simple photography booking.

We spent days sending storyboards, props lists and location ideas back and forth. Stu somehow finds a way to turn each of his photos into a fun, compelling story. My advise is to give him a couple ideas that are important to you, and then just let him run wild with it. You won’t be disappointed and you know you’re getting a personal, dedicated service when your photographer is excitedly replying to your text messages at 2am in the morning..!

Thanks Stu, we really appreciated your creativity, humour and especially all the extra hours you put into our shoot!
— Yuka & Ryan

Morgan & Lara: Brisbane Power House

Female couple in black jackets against brick wall with green glass behind during evening

I met Morgan and Lara at the Brisbane Power House at Newstead on a Saturday afternoon, the aim for the shoot was urban and colour.  There was a bit of a jostle for positions among the numerous wedding parties but we managed to get around to all the great backdrops the Power House has to offer.

We created many great photos during the shoot and these are a small selection of my favourites.  Towards the end of the shoot Morgan and Lara had a wardrobe change and upon seeing Lara is her leather jacket I knew she needed to be the dominant character in this image pushing Morgan up against the brick wall.  

Morgan and Lara have been together for three years after meeting at a conference and recently became engaged.  Unfortunately Australia has a while to go before we are given the basic rights to marry the ones we love.

My Children: Newstead House, Newstead

Kids running down stairs in traditional cottage garden. Outdoor family photos Caboolture Photographer Family Photography

One thing you can never have enough of is photos of your kids, they grow so quickly.  

This year my wife Kathy has asked me to keep up the photos of the kids and do at least one proper photo shoot a month of the two of them.  Every year we have made ourselves a photo book with images of them doing all kinds of activities and visiting places near and far.  

This month we headed to Newstead House, one to learn about local history and secondly they have fantastic manicured gardens everywhere.  Technically I'm not allowed to shoot there with out a permit for a paid gig, but as it's personal it didn't really matter so much.

I'll definitely be printing these images to be hung around the house.

Ashleigh & Damon: Lake Eden, North Lakes

Golden light filtering through her red hair as she looks into her fiances eyes

Ashleigh and Damon were awesome, really playful young couple who came out to Lake Eden for a bit of fun.  The session started out with a stroll along the pathways and a bit of getting to know each other, the golden afternoon light was filtering through the trees behind so I set up with shot of Ashleigh staring intently into Damons eyes - one of my all time favourite images.

As the afternoon sun passed we moved to a nearby tunnel where the footpath traverses under the road above.  Here I set up some lights to make the purple graffiti pop from the background.  I finished off the session using just natural light and my Fuji XT1 camera, the skin tones and light fall off from this camera are just spot on.