The Safe House: Baron, Crosby and Franky Two-Shoes

The Safe House; Baron and his muscle Franky Two-Shoes meet with Crosby in the safe house, trust levels are low and after a few scuffles the trio plan their hit.

Possibly the most fun shoot of the year, helping Ryan (Baron) bring his concept to life through photos.  We set up in a shed using constant LED lighting and a smoke machine for a raw underground industrial look.  

Stuart turns every session into an adventure. We booked Stuart for 3 days and gave him a huge wish-list of shots that we wanted to play with from idyllic countrysides to casual candid moments to grainy film noir settings. It wasn’t just a photo shoot, it was a good laugh and great day of playing around. Stuart provides a full service which goes far and beyond a simple photography booking.

We spent days sending storyboards, props lists and location ideas back and forth. Stu somehow finds a way to turn each of his photos into a fun, compelling story. My advise is to give him a couple ideas that are important to you, and then just let him run wild with it. You won’t be disappointed and you know you’re getting a personal, dedicated service when your photographer is excitedly replying to your text messages at 2am in the morning..!

Thanks Stu, we really appreciated your creativity, humour and especially all the extra hours you put into our shoot!
— Yuka & Ryan