6 Tips for your Family Photos

So you're thinking of having family photos taken and you have a growing list of concerns; how am I going to dress my kids?  Will my husband be grumpy?  What happens if my kids are complete ratbags?

Well here, let me help answer some of these troubling questions.


What should I wear? 

Something that makes you feel confident yet comfortable, suits the activity and location, not quite your Sunday best but not what you would wear to Coles.  What will my kids wear?  Something you if don’t mind if they get dirty, nothing too fussy, something you don’t need to wrestle them into, and more importantly nothing that is going to cause tantrums.


There are many approaches to dressing the entire family such as the classic and somewhat cliché denim with white, but not everyone needs to be matchy matchy.  You could select three colours that work well together and coordinate those colours in different items of clothing and accessories; every one may have denim shorts but might have complimentary coloured shirts.  

You are going to want to avoid huge logos, pictures and text where possible – it’s not going to look great on your lounge room wall.  Also bulging pockets don’t look brilliant.  Only bring what you need to on the shoot, leave things at home or in the car.


Being hangry is not fun

Before the shoot you should make sure everyone has had a good rest, a nanna nap, a feed and maybe a coffee or three.  If you have little kids we should try to schedule a photo shoot around their nap and feed times so that we have everyone in their best moods.

Don’t forget to bring water and refreshments along and some snacks or bribes just in case anyone needs to be perked up.



Tell a story by capturing a pastime

What's your favourite spot to visit with the family?  What is it that your family likes to do outside?    

You can pick the location, anywhere you like, somewhere that has meaning to you and your family.  While we are there you can incorporate any outdoor activities or hobbies into your photo shoot.  Bring our your personalities! Pack the cricket set and the picnic, maybe bring along a guitar - bonus points for something obscure!



Don’t stress about where everyone is looking

Trying to direct kids is like herding cats but you can't beat candid and natural moments

You don't have to apologise for your children not following instructions or sitting still and posing perfectly for the camera - that just isn't going to happen.  Just embrace it, run with it, see what they do and be quick to capture.

NOT everyone needs to look and smile for the camera at the same time.  You will get some great photos of everyone looking at the camera but ultimately you will love the candid images and the in between moments.



Cheese is for crackers 

There have been many times where I have parents and groups of people behind me yelling to the kids to ‘say cheese’ or ‘look here’ and it stresses the poor things out and not to mention stresses me out too.

If I run out of puff playing silly buggers I will most likely ask one you to help keep your child’s attention but then again if they are preoccupied it usually makes for some great photos anyway.   


And remember above everything else

relax and have some fun,

this is family time

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