I'm Stuart, but I usually get called Steve, Scott, Shaun... Dad.

I'll respond to any of those but Stu, Stuart, or Stewie is better!


I’ve been a photographer for  quite some time now but the love of photographing my kids is what got me into family photography. My style is relaxed, candid, and natural. I love capturing all the fleeting and special moments for my awesome families, and the best thing about being a family photographer is that I get to have a good laugh on the shoots.

I’m based in Caboolture, smack bang in the middle of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.  I like to call it ‘Southern Sunshine Coast’ but for some reason always get laughed at.

I couldn’t live without family and friends, mountain biking, coffee and travelling. Nothing makes me happier than spending time at home with my favourite people.

These few images sum me up pretty well